Need a change? Why a condominium in Cebu can suit your growing family

As the country gears up for economic recovery, the real estate sector is steadily returning to pre-pandemic levels — which means a revved-up interest in investing in properties. One thing that people reflected on during the pandemic is the pleasure of living in sprawling properties outside Metro Manila, setting up a more permanent second base. […]

5 Reasons Why a Condo in Cebu City is a Good Investment

As the country recovers economically, prospects in the real estate sector are looking rosy, as it returns to pre-pandemic levels and experiences a resurgence in property investments. One such area that is seeing serious potential is Cebu City. The Queen City of the South is already home to a thriving economy and an emerging market, […]

Rockwell Land cements strong foothold in Cebu

Written by Amy Remo It was only a decade ago that Rockwell Land embarked on an exciting, much awaited regional expansion that led it to build its presence in one of the most dynamic locales outside Metro Manila. Having already established a solid foothold in the capital region, the high-end developer sought to further expand […]

Riding along the potential growth of the Visayas property market

The Visayas property market is brimming with potential for future growth. With business hubs already built in key provinces, a growing residential market and its potential to tap the tourism sector with its natural attractions, the region has the right ingredients for it to ride along the recovery of the economy. Data from the PSA […]

Redefining modern lifestyles at 32 Sanson

If there’s one quality that newlyweds Richie Anne Castillo-Tan and Jeremiah Tan share, it’s a career-oriented drive toward excellence. The young couple each own their respective businesses and they’ve proven themselves to be truly impressive entrepreneurs. An artist at heart, Richie Anne started Qurate & Co., a gifting brand that meticulously creates gift boxes for […]

32 Sanson | banner family ad

Outdoor family activities to enjoy

The home anchors the family: it’s a place where family firsts are born, inspiration can be drawn, and where memories are made. Yet your home doesn’t have to mean the four corners of your house—your family’s immediate neighborhood and community play a large role in shaping your family life and outlook. As pandemic restrictions slowly […]

32 Sanson | indoor chairs living

Stay on top of the market with Smart Property Investments

Over the last year, more and more from Metro Manila have inquired about properties outside Metro Manila. But just what exactly makes smart property investments around the Philippines? The key is to look for upcoming opportunities and bright spots after the tumultuous events of 2021.  With people only beginning to emerge from their homes amid […]

32 Sanson | balcony indoor yoga

How to Set Up Your Space for Home Workouts

Since the quarantine last year, you may have witnessed your most beloved establishments and community hubs close their doors, including gyms. Being cooped up indoors may have also kept you from maintaining a more naturally active lifestyle, with inviting spaces such as the bedroom and the garden drawing us in to lounge and relax. That […]

32 Sanson | indoor chairs balcony

Renew Your Living Spaces By Decluttering and Disinfecting Your Home

Last year’s events have compelled us to spend more time than ever indoors, drawing attention and importance to not just how our homes look, but how we experience them. Whether you live in a house or a condominium unit, your home is a refuge, a sanctuary, a space where you can feel safest and be […]

32 Sanson’s new oasis in Cebu’s urban jungle

By Michaela Tangan One stood out of our many recent realizations: green spaces aren’t just for nature — it’s for us, humans, too. Those who have spent much time in gray, concrete cities have surprisingly yearned for a change in scenery and found joy and serenity in small dashes of greens. We have also seen […]

An ideal space and pace

THE year 2013 marked Rockwell Land’s first foray into regional expansion, with Cebu as its province of choice. Much like the communities it has created for its discerning market in Metro Manila, 32 Sanson by Rockwell, its first development in the Queen City of the South, is tucked in a quiet neighborhood. 32 Sanson is […]

32 Sanson | indoor people smiling

32 Sanson by Rockwell: A story of firsts

By Jeanna Lanting After successfully creating admired communities in Metro Manila, Rockwell Land embarked on its first regional expansion back in 2013. It was only natural for the province of choice to be Cebu, the Queen City of the South and the second largest in the Philippines. Amid old and new dwelling places on the […]

32 Sanson | indoor chairs balcony

32 Sanson: At the heart of Cebu’s real estate comeback

THE current health climate may have put the world to a halt in 2020, but market experts are projecting a comeback in the real estate industry in 2021. This time, there is a significant change in market preferences. More property seekers are now looking for homes in provincial cities with a new set of criteria: […]

32 Sanson | outdoor building trees

Property Finder: Your First Step to a Laid Back Community

With our ever-growing list of responsibilities and things to do, it would seem difficult to live a relaxed way of life. That’s not to say, however, that having a laid-back lifestyle and being productive are mutually exclusive. Working at a steady pace with one task at a time can help you produce better results compared […]

32 Sanson | outdoor beach tree

Why Living in Cebu is a Smart Choice for Your Family

With its thriving economy and stunning beaches, choosing to invest in a condo in Cebu is a good move. Cebu is becoming one of the most sought-after cities in Visayas with its evident growth in the past years for both business and tourism.  Looking for a place to raise your family is tricky. A lot […]

32 Sanson | outdoor patio chairs

An Elevated Experience within an Urban Oasis

In a time when convenience has become the ultimate luxury, residential developments have gotten creative in carving out spaces for even the most discerning market. Having amenities within reach is one of the factors to consider when choosing a living space. It is also important that these amenities go beyond simple functionality. How a developer […]

32 Sanson | Vito Selma Living Room

The Aspirational Appeal of Vito Selma’s Designs

  Deceptively simple in look yet creatively complicated—this defines the style of industrial designer Vito Selma. He hides the technical innovations and processes behind his Filipino-inspired furniture and lighting. The 35-year old Cebuano has been constantly bridging the gap between function, art, local materials and craftsmanship and industrial innovation. His furniture may seem lightweight, but […]

32 Sanson | An Exclusive Look at 32 Sanson’s Exquisite Arrival Experience

An Exclusive Look at 32 Sanson’s Exquisite Arrival Experience

  The dynamics in today’s world calls for almost everything to evolve into something more modern, more up to date with the current trends. However, something that never loses its touch among people is the minimalist style which has always remained a sophisticated classic. The beauty of a clean, simple aesthetic adorned with intricate details […]

32 Sanson | Rising numbers: 32 SANSON DELIVERS IN CEBU’S HIGH-END MARKET


LUXE LIVING. With the spacious units at 32 Sanson, spending time with family and friends is made extra special and extra sophisticated. A high-end residential community nestled in a sprawling 3.2 hectares in Lahug, Cebu City, it’s the perfect escape from the bustle, with its 70 percent open space, two swimming pools, a multipurpose court, […]

32 Sanson | Balancing Act

Balancing Act

WHEN she’s not managing her restaurant Señor Kimchi or taking part in the family business Premiere Beverage Corp., Kimberley Dacay pushes the envelope and steps out of her comfort zone as a triathlete, a lively pursuit she started five years ago. Committed to the sport using quality workouts, Kimberley intensely trains twice a day come […]

32 Sanson | Business From The Get-Go

Business From The Get-Go

Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before Timmy Go pursued business ventures of his own. In 2016, Timmy and a relative started Back Station Inc., a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that provides back office support to service physicians and hospice institutions in California. It seems as though […]

32 Sanson | Eat Healthier with this Beetroot Salad Recipe

Eat Healthier with this Beetroot Salad Recipe

It’s not hard to be healthy. This simple salad recipe from Kayu’s Chef Izzy Sy uses easy-to-find ingredients to create a dish that’s full of flavor, and completely guilt-free. It seems that beets are having a moment this year. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen restaurants around Cebu serving up dishes that highlighted the […]

32 Sanson | Finding New Flavors in New Places

Finding New Flavors in New Places

By: Ronald P. Villavelez @cebudailynews Tomato Sriracha soup with spiced black beans and chorizo   I DON’T know if there’s such a thing as restaurant or food trend in this city. A few years ago, people were crazy about things artisanal–from breads to pizzas to gelatos and coffees. Then, the ramen thing: one ramen shop would crop […]

32 Sanson | Support Local Brands at This Weekend’s HIMÔ Fair

Support Local Brands at This Weekend’s HIMÔ Fair

by SHARI QUIMBO Shelves of handcrafted products—made from various materials, and in a myriad of colors and textures—fill up the 32 Sanson by Rockwell office this weekend, as it’s turned into a furniture and home accessories bazaar in the second run of the HIMÔ: A Space + Making Fair. Named after the Visayan word for making […]

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: Hannah Lim

We invited Hannah Lim to exhibit a few pillow tricks to make your home even more beautiful and welcoming. Turn your own space into a work of art with different accessories and home trinkets. Start with your pillows – mix and match patterns, sophisticated hues, playful decors and bright colors according to your home’s theme. […]

A Day in the Life of Ayla Gomez

A Day in the Life of Ayla Gomez

Get a glimpse of the laid-back lifestyle at 32 Sanson by Rockwell as Ayla Gomez, Cebuana entrepreneur, and bag and accessory designer, walks you through a day in her life in this lush garden community. Learn more about us at

The Picturesque Community

OOTD – Emmanuela and Karlo Lim

The Picturesque Community With its landscaped gardens, beautiful architecture and charming corners, 32 Sanson by Rockwell is a scenic background to your Instagram photos. We take some cues from businesswoman Emmanuela Lim and her son, food writer and entrepreneur Karlo, on how to find the best spots on the property to put into frame. “The […]

Chef Francis “Izzy” Sy

Kayu Kitchen + Bar Turns One

By: Caryll Arcayan @cebudailynews Kayu Kitchen + Bar’s Chef Francis “Izzy” Sy [CDN Photo | Junjie Mendoza] KAYU Kitchen + Bar celebrates a year of satisfying Cebu’s palate with modern-fusion cuisine paired with a first-class culinary experience. Nestled along 32 Sanson Road, Kayu features Western to Asian dishes innovated by passionate Cebuano Chef Francis “Izzy” […]

Karynn and Mark Orchard

Marking Milestones at 32 Sanson

One of the greatest and most important milestones for a couple is purchasing a new home. From scouring the city for a suitable dwelling to getting down to the nitty-gritty of it all—it is quite a challenge. And it doesn’t stop there. This is especially true for Karynn and Mark Orchard who have been together […]

On the Home Front

On the Home Front

As the creative force behind international furniture brand DEDON and with a rich experience in designing spaces, Hervé and Tess Lampert welcomes us to their latest collaboration—a chic city home in the oasis that is 32 Sanson by Rockwell. The living room’s relaxed and spacious feel make it a great space to relax and connect […]

Marisse Patisserie’s hearty homemade creations

Marisse Patisserie’s hearty homemade creations

By: Tricia Rodrigo @cebudailynews [CDN Photo | Tricia Rodrigo] WITHIN Cebu’s increasingly vibrant culinary scene, there are these hidden gems just waiting to be placed in the limelight. One of these is a quaint bake shop named Marisse Patisserie. Located along 32 Sanson Road, Marisse Patisserie offers pastries, sandwiches, beverages, and premium cakes served inside a […]

Sanson Furniture

32 Sanson by Rockwell Celebrates Visayan Craftsmanship

Philippine Daily Inquirer Sea glass hanging lights fromHacienda Crafts 32 Sanson by Rockwell, in partnership with HoliCOW, recently presented “HIMÔ: A Space + Making Fair.” Showcasing their pieces were internationally renowned furniture and accessory brands Co-Creative Studio, Coast Pacific, General Bleu, Hacienda Crafts, Interlace, Mehitabel, Obra Cebuana, Vito Selma and Debbie Palao, among others. Celebrating […]

32 Sanson is Rockwell Land Corp.’s first development outside Metro Manila

32 Sanson Brings Famed ‘Rockwell lifestyle’ to Cebu

By: Amy R. Remo – Reporter / @amyremoINQ Philippine Daily Inquirer 32 Sanson is Rockwell Land Corp.’s first development outside Metro Manila. Strong local demand continues to fuel the healthy growth of the Cebu residential property market. And the proof is in the numbers. Latest data from Colliers International Philippines showed that the take up of residential condominium […]

32 Sanson | 32 Sanson by Rockwell Celebrates Visayan Craftsmanship


CEBU, Philippines – A two-day fair showcasing pieces of internationally-renowned furniture and accessory brands takes place on November 19 and 20, at 32 Sanson by Rockwell. The fair, dubbed “HIMÔ: A Space + Making Fair,” is co-organized by 32 Sanson by Rockwell and HoliCOW.  Participating are Co-Creative Studio, Coast Pacific, General Bleu, Hacienda Crafts, Interlace, […]

32 Sanson | Wine Pairing Dinner

Wine Pairing Dinner

FOR an eventful and intimate wine-pairing dinner by 32 Sanson by Rockwell in cooperation with Mercedes Benz held at the Kayu Kitchen + Bar, this exclusive event was also brought to you by Zee Lifestyle (celebrating 20 years) and Montes Wines (Philippine Wine Merchants and Ralph’s Wines and Spirits). The sumptuous inventive nine-course sit-down dinner […]

32 Sanson | Lighting It Up

Lighting It Up

PASSION is, more often than not, associated with fire. The brighter they say, the better. Within the compounds of the exclusive 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Cebu City, stands a new restaurant that is founded on the concepts of flames and flavors. With open arms, Kayu Kitchen + Bar welcomes just about every local and […]

Kayu Kitchen

Modern-fusion Resto Fires up Culinary Scene in Cebu City

NOTHING gets Cebuanos more fired up than food, and stoking this fire is the latest addition to the city’s vibrant culinary scene, Kayu Kitchen + Bar at 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug. Named after the Cebuano word for fire, Kayu offers modern-fusi on cuisine with a passion, and at the restaurant’s helm is the […]

Baking Memories at Marisse Patisserie

Baking Memories at Marisse Patisserie

Marisse Alvarez-Sy has been accepting pastry orders – cakes, cookies and breads – at home for several years. Her husband, Allan Francis, has long encouraged her to open a bakeshop. Marisse, who grew up in a family who owned Celebrity Bakeshop and Pan y Pasteles, was initially hesitant and waited for the perfect timing to […]

32 Sanson | Rockwell’s 32 Sanson Launches Kayu Restaurant & Marisse Patisserie

Rockwell Launches Kayu Restaurant & Marisse Patisserie

Rockwell Land, a member of the Lopez Group of Companies, has consistently  raised the standard of living spaces by creating  exceptional communities that flawlessly blend residences, work spaces and lifestyle hubs. All these are created with the  Rockwell signature of innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled quality. In Cebu, Rockwell brings a  new meaning to urban living  with the on-going development […]

32 Sanson | Sunsets and Flavors

Sunsets and Flavors

It was an afternoon of creative dishes and great company at 32 Sanson. Summer hasn’t officially begun in February, but that didn’t stop 32 Sanson by Rockwell and Cebu Living to throw a Saturday afternoon affair, gathering people who love good food and great company. Like a big family barbecue, the event had a picnic […]

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