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How to Set Up Your Space for Home Workouts

Since the quarantine last year, you may have witnessed your most beloved establishments and community hubs close their doors, including gyms. Being cooped up indoors may have also kept you from maintaining a more naturally active lifestyle, with inviting spaces such as the bedroom and the garden drawing us in to lounge and relax.

That said, there is only so much content to stream online, and a sudden lifestyle shift can make health buffs feel uneasy. Even without the boxing gym or yoga studio, it is still possible to maintain a holistic lifestyle at home. 

Home workouts are becoming increasingly popular, as it keeps people moving and productive as they continue to spend their days at home. If you have regularly kept an active routine pre-lockdown, there is no reason you should stray from your health and wellness goals. Here are tips on how to set up a space at home for your home exercises, so you can continue to break a sweat and stay fit.

Dedicate a proper space for your workouts

The first step is to scout an appropriate exercise spot at home. Choose a space that is free of clutter and distraction, with ample room for you to move around without being restricted. Having immediate access to fresh air and natural light through features such as a balcony is a plus, as it further motivates you to stay active and get going. Ventilation is also important, as you will be coming up for air a lot during high-intensity exercises.


Turn your space into a workout-proof area

After you have chosen a space within your home for your workouts, it’s time to turn it into a dedicated spot for your fitness goals –– which are possible to achieve, even while exercising in a condo unit.

Start by ensuring your spot is safe for performing indoor exercises and won’t be prone to causing injury. Marble floors can become slippery when wet, while hardwood may not provide enough friction for brisk movements. Additionally, your equipment can cause scratches and damage to your flooring. Solve this by investing in foam mats to protect your joints and your floor. These absorb the impact from your workouts and provide a safe space for you to move without worrying about accidents.

You can also make your space more conducive for working out by recreating the atmosphere at the gym. Large wall mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, allowing you to work out without feeling confined. It also increases light and allows you to correct and improve your form while performing bodyweight exercises.


Acquire essential home equipment

While you may have a treadmill or other exercise machines at home, these can take up space and restrict the variety of workouts you can perform at home. Instead, you can look into free weights such as kettlebells and dumbbells, bands, yoga mats, and other flexible equipment that encourages bodyweight exercises and allows for easy storage. TRX suspension training straps, jump ropes, battle ropes, and medicine balls are some training tools that allow you to engage in an intensive home workout.


Set a regular exercise routine

Staying at home can lead to more flexible daily schedules and routines. But sticking to fitness goals requires a disciplined regimen, and home workouts are no exception. If you have trouble carving out a particular schedule to work out, you can opt to work your schedule around a fixed time for workout classes. Many gyms and professional trainers offer online classes today, so you can join a guided workout and benefit from personal coaching.

Classes come in a variety of workouts and activities, from group yoga to HIIT training, fitting a number of fitness levels, schedules, and preferences.

Home workouts are efficient, convenient, and effective in helping you maintain your fitness goals even while at home. Spacious areas and access to the outdoors allow many possibilities when it comes to working out at home, allowing you to move with comfort and ease. As recent events have shaped a growing desire for wellness-oriented living, leading a holistic lifestyle outside Metro Manila is quickly becoming an attractive option.

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Your renewed lifestyle isn’t just confined to your condo unit –– step outside to enjoy 32 Sanson’s wide jogging paths and sprawling open spaces for outdoor workouts. Take a dip in one of our pools to refresh yourself, and work up a sweat in our state-of-the-art gym.

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More people are realizing the beauty of living outside Manila and what it can do for one’s health and life. Investing in a second home in Cebu has never been more attractive as 32 Sanson by Rockwell is pre-selling its condominium units.

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