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Balancing Act

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WHEN she’s not managing her restaurant Señor Kimchi or taking part in the family business Premiere Beverage Corp., Kimberley Dacay pushes the envelope and steps out of her comfort zone as a triathlete, a lively pursuit she started five years ago.

Committed to the sport using quality workouts, Kimberley intensely trains twice a day come race month, as early as five in the morning with more sessions in between the daily grind. But while the picturesque city makes for an interactive backdrop, every so often she works out within her dwelling at 32 Sanson by Rockwell, which to her is the very picture of urban living enveloped in nature’s calmness—an escape from the bustling throes of the city.

From running at the jogging path, to taking a plunge in the pool or working up a sweat at its well-equipped gym, Kimberley is surrounded with all of this modern convenience, while draped in lush greenery. Truly, 32 Sanson redefines the idea of community and healthy living with its open and zen-like environment. Kimberley counters the stress that comes with managing a restaurant, and brings a balance to her life by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The latest addition to the self-contained community, Buri Tower, is one that’s built with amenities for residents into the active lifestyle, and has been dubbed as the heart of the amenities. This is welcome news for young entrepreneurs like Kimberley.

From her dwelling at the Raffia tower at 32 Sanson, Kimberley gets a chance to start a busy day the right way, living out the Rockwell signature lifestyle, keeping herself inspired, healthy and active for a full life ahead.

Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/425504/

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