32 Sanson | An Exclusive Look at 32 Sanson’s Exquisite Arrival Experience

An Exclusive Look at 32 Sanson’s Exquisite Arrival Experience


The dynamics in today’s world calls for almost everything to evolve into something more modern, more up to date with the current trends. However, something that never loses its touch among people is the minimalist style which has always remained a sophisticated classic.

The beauty of a clean, simple aesthetic adorned with intricate details that further enhance its charm will always be a timeless standout.

A minimalist yet warm style, whether in fashion, lifestyle or a house’s overall theme will always be pleasing to the eyes as the colors are a mesh of whites and neutrals, often resonating this relaxed, homey kind of ambiance.

Simply put, the minimalist flair is a smart combination of color palettes and the lobby of 32 Sanson’s Buri Tower definitely lives up to this kind of aesthetic.

With Buri Lobby’s double height ceiling and warm tones , residents are ushered into an oasis of calm.


32 Sanson, an exclusive 3.2-hectare community nestled in Lahug, envelopes its residents in nature and lush greenery. The third and latest addition to the prime community is the chic yet cozy Buri Tower. Inspired by the palm Buri, the third tower is home to an idyllic and elegant ambiance.

Designed by Rockwell’s long-time interior designer consultant, architect Alice Erfe, one can already feel the tower’s tropical aesthetic, an oasis for relaxation, in just three elements with the simple act of entering the lobby.

The alluring tower designed by architect Ed Gallego consists of only 111 units.


Stepping foot inside, one is greeted with clean white walls. A notable feature that brightens up the space is the double height ceiling that allows plenty of natural light inside, creating more depth and dimensions within the space. Hanging above is a large accent pendant light that radiates a welcoming glow.

But what truly gives the lobby a cozy feel is the soothing palette of rust, browns, oranges, and golden yellow, which can be found in accent pieces, from the orange throw pillows to the painting that hangs above the cream-colored couch.

The third of 32 Sanson’s five towers , Buri is located in the heart of the amenities.


A playful touch to the warm colors is a geometric-patterned rug, adding a clear and linear theme to the space. Accents of fresh greens, orchids and potted plants generously surround the lobby, bringing in the lush ambiance that 32 Sanson is known for. Without a doubt, residents of Buri Tower will feel ushered into a resort-like home with a taste of elegance every day.

Par with Rockwell’s other prime community developments where residences, work spaces, and lifestyle hubs are carefully mastered so homeowners can get only the best of the best. Aside from waking up to idyllic views and exquisite surroundings, residents are assured of exclusivity and ultimate security in the community. Amenities like clear blue swimming pools, a jogging path, a multi-purpose court, a yoga and dance studio, and even a fully equipped gym are all provided for residents’ recreation activities.



Romayne Danielle Rivera/ Writer

Source: https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1815674/Cebu/Lifestyle/An-Exclusive-Look-at-32-Sansons-Exquisite-Arrival-Experience



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