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Outdoor family activities to enjoy

The home anchors the family: it’s a place where family firsts are born, inspiration can be drawn, and where memories are made. Yet your home doesn’t have to mean the four corners of your house—your family’s immediate neighborhood and community play a large role in shaping your family life and outlook.

As pandemic restrictions slowly loosen up, families are gradually able to step outdoors and breathe in some fresh air. Yet whether you choose to stay cozy indoors or bask in the sunshine, there is no better time than now to make up for lost time with your loved ones and enjoy family activities.

While you may not be able to pull yourself out of work on a weekday, you and your loved ones deserve your undivided attention, especially on the weekends. Take inspiration from these family activities to enjoy and create a weekend of possibilities.

Turn your home into a destination

The easiest way to reimagine your home into a destination? Turn it into a camping site. Camping at home lets your family experience the familiar space in a whole new way—as you go home and go to bed in a completely transformed space. You can help your children use sheets and pillows to easily create an indoor fort. With a bit of imagination, you can repurpose Christmas lights to look like stars, or drape a tent across the ceiling to change the room completely.

Live within lush, outdoor spaces? Look beyond the walls of your home and reimagine your neighborhood. 32 Sanson’s sprawling lawns provide a large space for outdoor adventures and experiences without having to venture far: enjoying the views of nature amidst wide gardens or from your balcony can easily turn into unforgettable family memories.


Plan a treasure hunt

Satisfy your children’s adventurous streak by stoking their sense of wonder and exploration through planning a treasure hunt. You can plant candy, toys, and knick-knacks around the home. A treasure hunt is a great way to maximize spacious units by thinking high and wide: hide them within the most unexpected of spots.

Step up this family activity by letting your creativity run wild: create an ancient-looking map and leave cryptic riddles to make the mystery more fun. With this, you can even expand the search beyond your space. Why not hide them by the lawn or the children’s play area? With 70 percent open spaces and greenery, 32 Sanson has plenty of lush spaces where your children can play and explore to their heart’s content—with proper supervision, of course.


Work out together as a family

The family that works out together, stays fit together. You can engage in home workouts with little to no equipment—in fact, body-weight exercises are doable for the whole family! This activity is a great way to develop the habit for everyone, as well as give everyone a sense of accomplishment together, as kids also need to expend all that excess energy especially after being cooped up indoors for a long period.

With premier amenities like a state-of-the-art gym and a long, winding jogging path within nature, any workout or activity with the family can become leisurely opportunities for bonding. 32 Sanson’s outdoor lawns and fully appointed gym allows you and your brood to reach your fitness goals together and stay active within lots of space.


Whip up homemade coolers

Working together in the kitchen is always a fun family activity, if not a little messy. If your household’s kitchen skills vary, one foolproof recipe that family members of all ages can work on together are homemade coolers that help you beat the heat while indulging your sweet tooth. There are an abundance of recipes online for traditional treats such as halo-halo or mais con yelo, so you may enjoy a cool afternoon with your family.

If your family’s mood leans more towards refreshing summery classics, you can also whip up some shakes, snow cones, or popsicles—the latter is especially satisfying for little ones to accomplish.


Craft family projects together

Got older kids? One activity the whole family can work on together is an arts and crafts project. One easy and doable activity is creating tie-dye shirts for the weekend, which lets the entire family sport your team colors together.

Your family can also work together on a mural—although it’s a project that could very well take a few more weekends to complete, the entire process from conceptualization to the completed artwork can be worth the effort.

Other crafts to consider? Paper maché is a safe art project for different ages that lets them become really hands-on and explore their creative side. Ask them to create their own sculptures, or work together on a paper maché piñata.

Staying at home doesn’t have to be restricting – it’s an opportunity to create unforgettable family moments. 32 Sanson gives you the space and freedom to begin unique family firsts. Like your first family milestones, 32 Sanson also represents firsts for Cebuanos and other potential home dwellers looking to move closer to Cebu’s alluring lifestyle. 

More families expand their horizons beyond NCR, looking toward more sophisticated and peaceful dwellings by the countryside. 

At 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug, Cebu, residents can enjoy a higher quality of life, utmost serenity, and a slower, more luxurious pace of living—an exclusive community that merges the signature Rockwell lifestyle with Cebu’s distinct charms. 

Located near prominent neighborhoods and Cebu’s business centers, 32 Sanson lets you enjoy nature at the heart of the city as the property is nestled on lush landscapes. Aside from spacious units and floor-to-ceiling windows, 32 Sanson’s lush greenery and expansive lawns make this community perfect for tranquil living. Each 32 Sanson unit comes with its own balcony and garden, making indoor-outdoor living a breeze.


Call Cebu your home with ease, thanks to Rockwell’s dedicated Sales & Leasing team who can help you with your investment needs.

Visit 32sansonbyrockwell.com or call us at (632) 793 – 0088 (MANILA) or (032) 417 – 3888 (CEBU) to learn more today.

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