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Stay on top of the market with Smart Property Investments

Over the last year, more and more from Metro Manila have inquired about properties outside Metro Manila. But just what exactly makes smart property investments around the Philippines? The key is to look for upcoming opportunities and bright spots after the tumultuous events of 2021. 

With people only beginning to emerge from their homes amid changing pandemic restrictions, the prolonged period of staying indoors has changed mindsets and shifted priorities. Aside from necessary decisions surrounding business and work where entrepreneurs rerouted their enterprises or closed them temporarily, families have reevaluated their lifestyles during the lockdown, as they considered moving in second homes away from Metro Manila. 

Economists’ outlook for next year is cautious yet upbeat: ADB projects a 5.5% GDP growth for the country in 2022. This, coupled with new consumer demands, indicates that now is an opportune time to make smart property investments. The property market in the Philippines is poised for a rebound amid the overall economic rebound projected this year, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Why invest now, you ask? With vaccination programs underway and certain economic sectors gearing for a revival, the country is getting ready to rise on its feet. The rising desire for more holistic lifestyles and dealing with ever-shifting quarantine levels have made buyers look into sprawling properties outside Metro Manila and set up a more permanent second base. 

This opens up the possibilities for refined countryside living away from Metro Manila such as Cebu –– a charming, unique, and vibrant locale that keeps premier city conveniences within arm’s reach.

What factors are investors considering in smart property investments? Find out more below.

Open spaces

Metro Manila’s state as a congested metro, along with last year’s lockdown, has convinced people to diversify their properties, establish second homes away from NCR and in places with lush greenery and master-planned outdoor landscapes. 

Aspiring investors and property owners are looking at locations that have vast open spaces for relaxing and a slower pace of living. These buyers want communities that grant the luxury of space and nature, providing a higher quality of life for the family.

Cebu is becoming top of mind for those looking to venture out of Metro Manila, for its ability to balance urban development with the serenity of nature and unhurried lifestyle. A premium development in Cebu like 32 Sanson by Rockwell offers residents the opportunity to bask in elegant living with artfully landscaped greenery and a vibrant yet peaceful community—while being a stone’s throw away from the city center. 32 Sanson’s wide, spacious units perched on top of 3.2 hectares of artfully landscaped greenery lets you live life in serenity and give you much room to breathe.


City living conveniences

While many dream of living in a nature-filled countryside, maintaining proximity to urban conveniences are of utmost importance to truly live a stress-free and worry-free lifestyle.

Although the simple, provincial life can sound appealing to residents looking for a change of pace from Manila’s hustle and bustle, staying close to utilities and necessary establishments such as banks, hospitals, groceries helps you live out a more permanent arrangement as you can attend to the day’s affairs as needed, instead of feeling like you’re on a prolonged staycation.

Located in Lahug, Cebu City, living in 32 Sanson keeps you close to the most essential and upscale establishments, including good schools for your children to grow in a nurturing and conducive environment. 


Opportunities for business and growth

One key incentive investors are considering in property investments is the opportunity and feasibility to build or expand their business.

A city or town that can offer unique charms and warmth in its culture and community alongside a bustling economy is an attractive option to relocate or establish a second home. The Queen City of the South boasts of a bustling economy, an affluent populace, and several business centers that make it conducive for business expansion. 


A property that strikes the perfect balance among all

With lush greenery, expansive lawns and a vibrant, upscale community, 32 Sanson by Rockwell is a smart investment in Cebu if you are keen on expanding beyond Metro Manila. Opportunities for real estate abound in up-and-coming communities. 

Sillion at 32 Sanson introduces open and harmonious living with 70% open space and greenery, with open walkways, exclusive amenities and retail pavilions all within reach – a promising addition to your investment portfolio.

Sillion’s pre-selling condominium units pose an attractive prospect for investors, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to prime real estate within a master-planned community that offers both the luxury of nature and the comforts of the city. With its proximity to Cebu’s business centers, it provides residents room to breathe while still enjoying the major city’s conveniences.

Establishing your second home in Cebu is a breeze, with Rockwell’s dedicated Sales & Leasing team here to help you with your investment needs.

If you’re expanding your horizons beyond Metro Manila, make a smart investment in a property that has it all. Enjoy a higher quality of life, utmost serenity, and a slower, more luxurious pace of living at 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug, Cebu—an exclusive community that merges the signature Rockwell lifestyle with Cebu’s distinct charms.

Visit 32sansonbyrockwell.com or call us at (632) 793 – 0088 (MANILA) or (032) 417 – 3888 (CEBU) to learn more today.

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