5 Reasons Why a Condo in Cebu City is a Good Investment

As the country recovers economically, prospects in the real estate sector are looking rosy, as it returns to pre-pandemic levels and experiences a resurgence in property investments.

One such area that is seeing serious potential is Cebu City. The Queen City of the South is already home to a thriving economy and an emerging market, with nature and holistic pleasures just a stone’s throw away. The post-pandemic investment market has underscored the importance of setting up a permanent second base and diversifying opportunities outside of Metro Manila.

While everyone is out and about again, people are now seeing the appeal of exploring places beyond the metro — particularly for refined countryside living away from Metro Manila. Cebu is one such place — a charming, unique, and vibrant locale that keeps premier city conveniences within arm’s reach.

These factors have made Cebu City an attractive prospect for real estate investment, particularly for condominiums. As people around the Visayas region and elsewhere in the country continue to converge in the Queen City of the South, opportunities abound when it comes to investing in a condo in Cebu City

A promising international hub

As one of the country’s main metropolitan areas and the urban capital of Central Visayas, Cebu City is the gateway to the rest of the region and a popular destination for international visitors. It is home to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the Philippines’ second-busiest airport, and accommodates several direct international flights.

The city is widely connected to other popular cities and destinations, such as Bohol, Leyte, and Bacolod in Negros, allowing local and international visitors alike to explore the rest of the region.

A thriving economy

With a growing population of over 3 million people and an affluent populace, Cebu City is bustling with economic prospects. It is home to a robust IT and BPO sector as one of the top outsourcing cities in the world. There are several multinational companies and business centers that have established their base in Cebu, attracting a world-class workforce and making it conducive for business expansion. This makes investing in a condo in Cebu City even more attractive.

Cebu is also one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, having welcomed over 1.5 million tourists from January to June of 2023.

Nature and conveniences in one area

Cebu is becoming a hot attraction for those looking to venture out of Metro Manila, for its ability to balance urban development with the serenity of nature and unhurried lifestyle. Many residents from Manila may look for a change of scenery from Manila’s hustle and bustle, while maintaining closeness to urban conveniences.

A crucial aspect for families looking to establish a second base in Cebu includes having proximity to utilities and necessary establishments such as banks, hospitals, groceries, and even schools and upscale establishments — while enjoying their own nature-filled respite as needed.

These discerning buyers are not just looking for any other condo in Cebu City, but one that caters to their particular lifestyle. With wide spacious units and 3.2 hectares of greenery, a premium development in Cebu like 32 Sanson by Rockwell offers residents the opportunity to bask in elegant and peaceful lifestyles, while staying close to the city center. 

World-class developments

Cebu is home to world-class developments and infrastructure, a testament to its economic prowess. These include the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, now the Philippines’ longest and tallest bridge that connects Cordova and Mactan, with people south of the Cebu island easily accessing the city center. 

Other upcoming infrastructures include the Metro Cebu Expressway, a 74-kilometer expressway; the Cebu Rapid Bus Transit System, the first mass transit system of its kind in the country; and the Cebu Monorail Transit System.

A thriving condo and real estate market

Developments in Cebu within master-planned communities and economic centers are increasing in popularity. With a diverse range of developments including condominiums, there is a rising demand for upscale condos in Cebu City.

With lush greenery, expansive lawns and a vibrant, upscale community, those looking to venture beyond Metro Manila can look into 32 Sanson by Rockwell, a condominium in Cebu located in up-and-coming communities. 

With 70% open space and greenery, Sillion at 32 Sanson, with open walkways, exclusive amenities and retail pavilions all within reach – a promising addition to your investment portfolio.

Sillion’s pre-selling condominium units are attractive for investors, allowing them to get a headstart on prime real estate within a master-planned community that offers both the luxury of nature and the comforts of the city. With its proximity to Cebu’s business centers, it allows its residents room to breathe while still enjoying the major city’s conveniences.

If you’re expanding your horizons beyond Metro Manila, buy a condo in Cebu that has it all, within the vibrant hub of Cebu. Invest in an exclusive community at 32 Sanson by Rockwell that merges the signature Rockwell lifestyle with Cebu’s distinct charms.