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Renew Your Living Spaces By Decluttering and Disinfecting Your Home

Last year’s events have compelled us to spend more time than ever indoors, drawing attention and importance to not just how our homes look, but how we experience them. Whether you live in a house or a Cebu condominium unit, your home is a refuge, a sanctuary, a space where you can feel safest and be your most authentic self.

While the country and the rest of the world strives to recover from the pandemic, your home should be a haven where you can enjoy some peace of mind and serenity. While there are several ways to turn your condo unit into your own personal sanctuary, physically decluttering and disinfecting your space is a good place to start. As tidying guru Marie Kondo says, simplifying and organizing are the key to a serene environment

While you don’t need to follow the Konmari method to a tee, there is merit in decluttering and disinfecting your home, especially when you live in a condominium unit. This allows you to live a more relaxed lifestyle, generate productive work, and stay at ease with a clean and organized home.


Effects of clutter

Ever wonder why your home never truly feels like home sometimes? The answer could be right in front of you. Consider your unit’s surroundings and assess whether there are more objects than what you truly need. Clutter can become a significant source of stress, which can leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed without realizing it.

Being surrounded by clutter sends various messages to your brain. Clutter around your space makes you feel helpless and tired seemingly without reason; it makes you feel like you always have things to clear off your plate; and the presence of various objects overstimulates you, making it harder to relax.

Turn your condo into your own refuge by following these decluttering and disinfecting tips.


Tips on decluttering

First, toss out things you truly don’t need anymore from places that easily accumulate clutter. Start with the kitchen and the bathroom. Are stale spices and products past their due date crowding your pantry? Throw them out. Same with old makeup products, over 3-month-old toothbrushes, expired creams, and bottles you haven’t used in two years. You may be surprised at the amount of products you have to end up tossing out.

Next, invest in storage solutions that can help you stow away objects and keep your space tidy. An intricately woven basket will work as a bedroom hamper, or as a vessel to store pillows and blankets. Shelves and storage boxes will help you stow away excess books and other memorabilia you don’t exactly need but want to keep.

When you have gone through old items past their due date, sorting out objects with permanence and sentimental value can become trickier. In this situation, it’s important to plan ahead and plot out your space for storage, so you can decide how to make room for these items without compromising comfort and aesthetics –– should you invest in cabinets or shelves, and where would you place them? This will also help give you a better idea of which items you can keep, if you do not know where to start. 

Spacious units allow more leeway for pieces and memories that have been collected throughout the years. With ample spaces, 32 Sanson ensures that there’s room for you and your lifestyle to grow.


Disinfecting each corner

The pandemic has taught us the value of sanitizing each corner of our home to keep it safe for the family. Now more than ever, it is important to disinfect most frequently touched surfaces in order to prevent the spread of the virus. These include doorknobs, countertops, pantry handles, and even your phone screens. Incorporate disinfection in your regular cleaning routine to make sure these are sanitized at all times.

There are other ways to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your condo’s spaces. Invest in an air purifier in areas such as the bedroom and the living room to maintain the air purity, as well as reduce the risk of transmission. You can also look into a robot vacuum, a handy tool in condos that helps keep your floors pristine, in addition to sweeping and cleaning your floors regularly. With large spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, 32 Sanson offers an array of airy and light-filled units that ensure fresh air and make disinfection more effective.

If traveling outside the home cannot be helped, a high-quality UV light helps kill viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores. You can also fill up aesthetically designed bottles with alcohol or hand sanitizer by your condo’s common areas, such as the kitchen, the living room, and the doorway.

Should you need to welcome visitors into your home, you can also invest in a visually appealing shoe rack where they can place their shoes before entering your home, along with a supply of disposable guest slippers for their comfort.

Thoroughly disinfecting and decluttering your home helps give you peace of mind, relieves your stress, and ensures your family’s health and well-being. Recent events have shaped a growing desire for holistic and wellness-oriented lifestyles, away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. People are now expanding their horizons beyond the metro, looking toward more sophisticated and peaceful dwellings by the countryside. Enjoy a higher quality of life, utmost serenity, and a slower, more luxurious pace of living at 32 Sanson by Rockwell in Lahug, Cebu–an exclusive community that merges the signature Rockwell lifestyle with Cebu’s distinct charms. Aside from spacious units and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow easy disinfection and decluttering, 32 Sanson’s lush greenery and expansive lawns make this community perfect for tranquil living. Each 32 Sanson unit comes with its own balcony and garden, making indoor-outdoor living a breeze.

Enjoy room to breathe while enjoying Cebu’s upscale city conveniences at 32 Sanson. No matter where you are, our dedicated sales and leasing staff makes setting up your second home at 32 Sanson a breeze so you can easily enjoy all that Cebu has to offer.

Visit 32sansonbyrockwell.com or call us at (632) 793 – 0088 (MANILA) or (032) 417 – 3888 (CEBU) to learn more today.

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