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Need a change? Why a condominium in Cebu can suit your growing family

As the country gears up for economic recovery, the real estate sector is steadily returning to pre-pandemic levels — which means a revved-up interest in investing in properties. One thing that people reflected on during the pandemic is the pleasure of living in sprawling properties outside Metro Manila, setting up a more permanent second base. […]

5 Reasons Why a Condo in Cebu City is a Good Investment

As the country recovers economically, prospects in the real estate sector are looking rosy, as it returns to pre-pandemic levels and experiences a resurgence in property investments. One such area that is seeing serious potential is Cebu City. The Queen City of the South is already home to a thriving economy and an emerging market, […]

Rockwell Land cements strong foothold in Cebu

Written by Amy Remo It was only a decade ago that Rockwell Land embarked on an exciting, much awaited regional expansion that led it to build its presence in one of the most dynamic locales outside Metro Manila. Having already established a solid foothold in the capital region, the high-end developer sought to further expand […]

Riding along the potential growth of the Visayas property market

The Visayas property market is brimming with potential for future growth. With business hubs already built in key provinces, a growing residential market and its potential to tap the tourism sector with its natural attractions, the region has the right ingredients for it to ride along the recovery of the economy. Data from the PSA […]

Redefining modern lifestyles at 32 Sanson

If there’s one quality that newlyweds Richie Anne Castillo-Tan and Jeremiah Tan share, it’s a career-oriented drive toward excellence. The young couple each own their respective businesses and they’ve proven themselves to be truly impressive entrepreneurs. An artist at heart, Richie Anne started Qurate & Co., a gifting brand that meticulously creates gift boxes for […]

Outdoor family activities to enjoy

The home anchors the family: it’s a place where family firsts are born, inspiration can be drawn, and where memories are made. Yet your home doesn’t have to mean the four corners of your house—your family’s immediate neighborhood and community play a large role in shaping your family life and outlook. As pandemic restrictions slowly […]

Stay on top of the market with Smart Property Investments

Over the last year, more and more from Metro Manila have inquired about properties outside Metro Manila. But just what exactly makes smart property investments around the Philippines? The key is to look for upcoming opportunities and bright spots after the tumultuous events of 2021.  With people only beginning to emerge from their homes amid […]

How to Set Up Your Space for Home Workouts

Since the quarantine last year, you may have witnessed your most beloved establishments and community hubs close their doors, including gyms. Being cooped up indoors may have also kept you from maintaining a more naturally active lifestyle, with inviting spaces such as the bedroom and the garden drawing us in to lounge and relax. That […]

32 Sanson’s new oasis in Cebu’s urban jungle

By Michaela Tangan One stood out of our many recent realizations: green spaces aren’t just for nature — it’s for us, humans, too. Those who have spent much time in gray, concrete cities have surprisingly yearned for a change in scenery and found joy and serenity in small dashes of greens. We have also seen […]