Karynn and Mark Orchard

Marking Milestones at 32 Sanson

Karynn and Mark Orchard

One of the greatest and most important milestones for a couple is purchasing a new home. From scouring the city for a suitable dwelling to getting down to the nitty-gritty of it all—it is quite a challenge. And it doesn’t stop there. This is especially true for Karynn and Mark Orchard who have been together for 11 years and have recently settled down in their two bedroom unit at 32 Sanson by Rockwell.

Making Milestones

A private enclave with sprawling gardens to welcome each resident daily.

The couple met in Abu Dhabi before Mark relocated to Singapore where he now works as a Loss Prevention Safety Quality (LPSQ) Manager at Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. Karynn, who is currently a franchisee of Sinangag Station, fondly shared that they got married 18 months ago at the Singapore Flyer. “It was amazing,” she recalled.

Despite having moved from one country to another, Mark is no stranger to property buying. Having had previous purchases both here and abroad, the man knows exactly what he wants. It was Rockwell’s stellar reputation that drew him to their new home. Any homeowner would say that moving in is no easy feat and Mark and Karynn’s experience with 32 Sanson was not without hitches but Rockwell made sure to help the couple out in every step. “Since moving in, Rockwell has been exemplary. Their staff , service and commitment have been outstanding,” said Mark on his experience, going on to explain how he and Karynn were well assisted.

Posh and elegant high ceilings

Posh and elegant high ceilings can be found at the lobbies for an elevated lifestyle.

Mark and Karynn are still in the process of rearranging their furniture, most of which they had shipped from abroad. The pieces—from the basketball bean bag chair to the carved wooden animals-speak of the couple’s quirky and lively personality which they try to fi ll their new home with, ultimately calling and making it their own.

Since the turnover of 32 Sanson’s phase one units, several residents are now enjoying the luxury and leisure development. Mark and Karynn are seasoned condo dwellers and they both agree that the unit cuts at 32 Sanson are larger than average, the generous space provided allowing them to enjoy with the space as they please. “Another plus is the location and I’ve always wanted a west-facing unit for the best sunset views,” Mark added.

Mark and Karynn Orchard

Mark and Karynn Orchard enjoying their new home at 32 Sanson

Housed within the 3.2-hectare property, 32 Sanson offers premium amenities that cater to the Rockwell lifestyle—two clubhouses and function rooms for community activities, a gym and a dance and yoga studio for healthy living, a play area for kids, and two swimming pools. But family bonding does not stop at the amenities alone. Kayu Kitchem + Bar and Marisse Patisserie are also located at 32 Sanson, making it a great place for spending quality time with friends and family. More establishments are coming in, located just a stones throw away.

“It’s a nice development in a nice location. I’d certainly be happy to make another purchase at Rockwell again,” Mark said with a smile that only a satisfied customer wears, a customer who is ready to make the most of their new home and ultimately, create new memories with the family that will last a life time.

As published in SunStar Cebu on May 31, 2017. Written by Cassandra C. Poculan. Photography by Jonolyn Miñoza Luab.